About the company

Success through experience

Alruno is a Polish company with over 50 years of tradition. The company and the production plant is located in Szymiszów, a town of about 1200 inhabitants, in the municipality of Strzelce Opolskie near the Upper Silesian Industrial Park (the largest in Poland). At the end of the last century the Alruno company focused on the production of smaller structures – wall dividers and elements for building prefabricated garages.

The company deeply cares about the quality – in 2012 it received the CE safety mark. Alruno is a licensed manufacturer of TSH3 and TSH5 transport anchors. The company, which employs around 70 people, works for companies in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Norway.

Success through quality

Alruno means quality. Our products comply with all applicable European design and production regulations. This is confirmed by the CE mark placed on them since 2012. Alruno products are regularly inspected, among others, by the Material Research Centre of the Technical University of Munich (TUM - MPA BAU), GAMMA-MONTEX Welding Laboratory in Częstochowa and SLV-GSI POLSKA in Zabrze. Alruno is also a licensed manufacturer of Syspro transport anchors.

  • 1966

    Mr. Norbert Szulc starts his business – a locksmith workshop in the garage in Szczepanek near Strzelce Opolskie.

    He starts providing locksmith services.

  • 1968

    The first production hall of 100 m2 is being built. The company starts production of ventilation ducts.

  • 1970

    Establishing cooperation with the Higher School of Engineering in Opole (today Opole University of Technology). The company makes for the university various racks for measuring equipment used by students. This year the existing hall is also being extended by another 42 m2 with a basement.

  • 1971

    First export order. The company produces electroplating bathtubs for a customer from Leipzig.

  • 1980

    Extension of the existing locksmith's plant with another production hall of 100 m2.

  • 1982

    Start of the pipe flanges production.

  • 1988

    Norbert Szulc's son, Alexander, joins the company. At his house in Szczepanek, not far from the headquarters, a new 250 m2 hall is being built. That is where the production of pipe flanges continues.

  • 1991

    Land lease in Strzelce Opolskie with an area of 58 ares together with buildings with an area of 780 m2. The company moves to a new location.

  • 1994

    Extension of the leased building with a hall of 300 m2.

  • 2001

    The company initiates cooperation with contractors from the European Union. It systematically expands its contacts and continues to develop dynamically on this market.

  • 2007

    Obtaining a license of Syspro Gruppe Betonbauteile e. V. This group brings together about 20 companies from Austria and Germany, which manufacture prefabricated building elements, i.e. walls, ceilings, etc. Syspro Gruppe exists since 1990 and has the HiQ quality mark.

  • 2014

    The company ends the lease of land in Strzelce Opolskie to start a new chapter in its history – it buys a plot of land in Szymiszów near Strzelce Opolskie. The land has an area of 3.1 ha and the production and farm buildings standing on it are 4000 m2. Also this year Norbert Szulc deregisters his own business activity.

  • 2018

    In Szymiszów, another modern production hall of 1200 m2 is being built, equipped with overhead cranes. In the same year ALRUNO company introduces ISO 1090 standard

  • 2021

    The administrative building of 600  m2 undergoes a major renovation and modernization.